Founded in California in 1997, and located in the U.S. Pacific Northwest since 2002, Velocitech provides creative,
simple, and efficient solutions to the challenges facing local and multinational businesses, with experience gained
through hands-on industrial manufacturing now dating back three decades.   In conjunction with federal and state
agencies, as well as international industrial and academic alliance partners, Velocitech has also conducted in-depth
research in fields including advanced composites, electromagnetics, nanotechnology, and methane dynamics in
support of new product development.

Velocitech has long recognized the increasing global risks to businesses and society from the effects of climate change,
as well as the inevitable Oil Crunch (beyond which global production can no longer meet demand), and has worked
to provide effective industrial countermeasures across various fields for mitigation and adaptation to the impacts of
these issues.  Among these:

  • Velocitech’s patented PoweRing (a cost effective, high power- & energy-density electro-mechanical
    battery) and 5-Axis Unitized Passive Magnetic Bearing technologies.
  • Velocitech designed and manufactured industrial equipment for gentle handling of fragile produce,
    providing cost-effective yield improvements, and saving hundreds of tons of food from disposal due to
    mechanical damage.
  • Velocitech’s patent-pending Rapid Recovery Collar, or VT-RRC, a creative solution to marine well blowout
    recovery inspired by the Deepwater Horizon incident, superior in its overall effectiveness to each of the 11
    containment methods used in the Gulf spill of 2010, those developed in response to prior spills (i, ii, iii), or
    adopted by the oil industry in order to regain deepwater drilling rights in US waters in the aftermath of the
    Gulf spill.
Following major offshore well blowouts in 2008 and 2009, a near-blowout off Europe’s west coast four months
before BP’s Gulf disaster, and
28 major incidents on offshore rigs in the US portion of the Gulf in 2009, the Gulf
spill in 2010 and
North Sea spill in 2011 are reminders that, over the next two decades, fully 1/3 of global oil
production (up from the current 7%) will come from deepwater, ultra-deepwater,  and newly-accessible Arctic
offshore sources, and marine well blowouts are an inevitable part of the accelerating global “oil rush” underway
in preparation for the coming Oil Crunch.

The global Oil Crunch (
for an up-to-date overview, watch ABC Television Australia’s recent investigative
), expected no later than 2014, will generate substantial economic hardship for those nations and
businesses unprepared for the resulting price spikes and availability issues.  The U.S., holding just 2% of global
proved oil reserves, and consuming 25% of current global production capacity, stands particularly vulnerable to
the economic and geopolitical repercussions, and will likely provide much of the global demand destruction
required to reach new market equilibriums.  As a result, the United States will be highly motivated to increase
the speed and scale of deepwater, ultra-deepwater, and Arctic exploration and production efforts, and with this,
the occurrence of blowouts along U.S. coastlines will inevitably rise.

Providing potential for blowout recovery within 2 days, versus recently-unveiled oil industry systems requiring
two to three weeks, Velocitech’s VT-RRC technology can significantly reduce the ecological and economic
impacts from future spills, saving companies and regional economies tens of billions of dollars with a single
use.  (Within its first 10 days, the 2010 Gulf spill had released twice the oil volume as the entire Exxon Valdez
spill, produced more than $1 billion in regional economic damage, and
cost BP $40 billion in market
capitalization as stockholders fled
As Velocitech remains focused on our primary projects, approaching 18 months due
diligence, our patent-pending VT-RRC Blowout Recovery Technology is now available
for sale. For full details, contact VELOCITECH today.
With the Arctic meltdown continuing in 2011 (with loss of sea ice volume now equal to an ice “cube” 12-miles
per side over the past decade) amid mounting weather-related issues worldwide (decades ahead of
mathematically-flawed climate projections), and the Oil Crunch on the global doorstep, Velocitech’s efforts to
develop exceptional solutions to help clients manage emerging risks and challenges, provide us an
extraordinary mission we continually strive to fulfill.
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